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Recycling is all about ‘Completing the Cycle’ or ‘Closing the Loop’ and as the term recycling implies, there is a cycle that has to be completed – something obviously has to happen to all the material that is disposed.

Simply putting out materials for recycling is only the first step in a long process that results in products being produced – this applies to paper, cardboard glass and metal as well as plastic.

At Plastic Recyclers Australia, we provide the ‘penultimate’ link in the cycle by manufacturing a wide range of useable, practical and high quality products both for the domestic and commercial market place.

You the consumer have to purchase our products to ‘Close the Loop’ and the more you buy, the more plastic we can save from landfill! Whether you are a Landscaper, domestic user , State or federal body please stop and consider the advantages of a recycled plastic product. Discuss with us first so you can understand the value of change.

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More information on recycling is available through the Zero Waste SA link below.

Government working with Local Government and Industry to drive a new and integrated strategy for waste reduction, waste minimisation, recycling and waste disposal.

We also recommend the following links to eco friendly "green" websites: Australia's leading carbon management portal, eco super store and directory. A leading sustainability directory and news source. Promotes positive action for environmentally sustainable development. Encourages the purchase of environmentally preferable products and services. Recycled plastic products in NSW and QLD Recycled plastic / composite park bench seat specialists in VIC Essential directory for specifiers of external works. Looking for recycled plastic bollards and garden edging in WA? Deep Drip tree watering stakes that aid in the watering and fertilisation of trees at the roots. Eco friendly paints and sealants for all applications Green ideas for home and garden. High quality domestic and commercial composite decking.** Highly recommended**

Growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing. Food education for young children. Online Shopping specialists "We will remember them"

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Long Life Recycled Plastic Stakes

Recycled Plastic Raised Garden Kits

Product List

Recycled Plastic School Bench Seats
Recycled Plastic
School Bench Seats

Recycled Plastic 135mm Square Bollard with Reflectors
Recycled Plastic 135mm Square Bollard with Reflectors

Recycled Plastic Square Stepping Stones
Recycled Plastic Square
Stepping Stones

Recycled Plastic Garden Edging 55mm x 25mm
Recycled Plastic Garden Edging 55mm x 25mm

Various Composite Profiles
Various Composite Profiles

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